A Silk Scarf (The Ultimate Accessory!)

Every woman, and quite a few men, will tell you they have at least one silk scarf (and probably many more) in their wardrobe, but what is the history behind this beautiful and timeless accessory and why are we so drawn to them?


Silk scarves have been worn since ancient times. In fact, their history dates back to 1300 BC where Ancient Noble and Royal Egyptians wore them. Queen Nefertiti, known for her beauty and elegance, was frequently depicted wearing scarves around her iconic headdress. The Chinese were also early adopters of scarves and used them to indicate one’s military rank. In later times, around the ninth century, scarves were seen in ancient Rome on emperor statues.

It wasn’t until the 1800’s that the silk scarf really started becoming a worldwide fashion accessory, worn by both men and women. Thanks to the soft smooth texture, versatility and practicality the scarf was soon adorned by everyone.


imageThrough the twentieth century, the silk scarf became a sign for an ‘eye for fashion and wealth’, especially when it became a trend sported by various important personalities and celebrities to enhance their style. Several notable personalities spotted wearing scarves as part of their style were Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Lauren, Queen Elizabeth, Jackie Onassis, Maria Callas, and Brigitte Bardot, to name just a few.

Silk scarves are widely recognised as THE most versatile accessory. Apart from being stylish they can keep the neck warm in winter and cool in summer. It is the only luxury accessory that can be worn as silk jewellery (bracelet, necklace), headscarf, hair bandana, belt, top, shawl, and more. It always fits, it can be worn by different age groups and can be passed from one generation to another, as it is widely known that good quality scarves will last for ages.

The Felicity B range of silk scarves come in a variety of sizes and colours. They are beautiful, one of a kind scarves all hand-cut (by Salma and her team of girls from India and Afghanistan, who are learning their trade), and sewn from vintage silk sarees. All delicate as a feather and a joy to wear – How you wear them though, is down to you!


Our range of scarves can be worn in various different ways so you get great value for money…

As a scarf around the neck:

Traditional, but always stylish.


As a headband:Screenshot_20200802-201536_Drive

Perfect on a bad hair day.


Tied around a ponytail:

Perfect for coordinating with your chosen outfit of the day.


Tied around the handle of a bag:

Not only is this very on-trend, but it protects the handle of your (expensive) handbag from the sweat of your hands, which can damage and dry out the leather.


As a belt:

No need to worry if you’ve gone up a notch, with a silk scarf you can’t tell the difference.


As a table covering:

To bring a little something to a room on a special occasion or just to tie in with your decor.


As you can see these much loved, beautiful pieces of silk are multifunctional and a joy to wear! Take a look at our range here.

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